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Technical questions


Will the nozzle be contaminated while using the toilet?

No, because the nozzle while first come out after you start the function. Afterwards it will move back and hide behind the seat and will be cleaned automatically.

How does the sterillising and cleansing filter work?

The filter is a special combinationfilter with colloidal silver to prevent bacteria or germs to grow in the water tank or the nozzle.

Do i need a water filter previous to my device?

Every user can decide on his own. The combinationfilter can be ordered optional from us for 23,50 EUR. If you are convinced of the quality of the water, you can of course use the Popodusche without a filter.

How does the user sensor work?

The user sensor is a child-proof lock. Wich means that the Popodusche only can be used if someone actually sits on the seat.

How many diffrent nozzels does the Popodusche have?

Our shower-toilet is equipped with one nozzle arm with 2 seperate functions. One for the rectal area and the other function is the special Lady-nozzle. Inside the device is a special self cleaning nozzle, wich cleans the nozzle head automatically before and after every use.


Application questions


Can the cloth get wet?

No, this is impossible by the adjustment of the nozzle.

Is the seat comfortable?

The seating area is ergonomically designed to the human body , so the seat is very comfortable.

Can children and elderly people use and operate the shower toilet?

The shower-toilet is very easy to use by the symbols.

How long does the air dryer take?

Therefor it is important to mention that it is important only to get touch dry not dryed out. Normally 2 minutes of drying is totally enough.

Will there be a lot of noise?

No, because the air dryer and the other functions are very quiet.Furthermore the seat and cover closes very gentle by using a damping system, wich means there will be no more loud and annoying bang if you close the cover.

Will the water not be to cold?

No, you are able to adjust the the water temperature as well as the water pressure, to meet the needs of the respective user.

What will happen after the water shower?

You will be dryed with warm air for about 2 minutes. The temperature can be adjusted within 6 levels to max. 45°C.

Can the nozzle be contaminated after the use, and so not be desinfected for the next user?

No, this can not happen, because the nozzle is being cleaned before and after every use automatically, to ensure the cleanliness of the Popodusche.

Do you have to shut off the device after every use?

No, because the device will first start after the user is contacting the seat sensor. After 5 minutes of downtime the shower-toilet shuts off automatically to safe energy.


Installation and Maintenance Questions


How long does the installation take?

Depending on the structual condition of the water supply, the installation will take 30 to 90 minutes.

Can I install the Popodusche on my own?

With the included installation material every do-it-yourselfer can install the Popodusche on his/her own.

How long will the filter last?

4000 uses (we recommend to change the filter once a year).

Who can I contact, if there will be a defect during the warranty time?

We will offer a repair-service and all spare parts, even after the warranty time. Please contact: MZ-PODEX e.K. Inh. Michael Zint, Ornachstrasse 8, D-87538 Fischen/Allgäu Tel.: +49 (8326) 38 67 83-0 Fax: +49 (8326) 38 67 83-5 E-Mail:

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